Effective Anti-Bullying programs mean real testimonials and real results!

Effective Anti-Bullying programs means real testimonials and real results!

Kathy Morgan understands the subject of bullying and its impact on young people. Her background in anti-bullying policy and expertise in evidence based models ensure that her information is the most current and relevant in the field. It is my experience that Kathy is an enthusiastic and engaging presenter and is qualified to work with audiences ranging from high-school students to highly educated professionals. I highly recommend Kathy.

-- Marcia S. - Executive Director OK Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Not only is bullying prevention Kathy’s passion - she has the ability to articulate the issue professionally in the most caring and connecting ways. I personally witnessed over 100 school and community leaders spellbound with her information defining just what is bullying. She opened closed eyes and minds!

-- Martha R. - former School District Board President and City's Youth Coalition

Kathy's research into best practices comes not just from reading research, but from conducting her own, with real students. Her caring and compassionate approach to bullying helps children understand that being bullied isn't their fault, and that they haven't done anything wrong. It puts bystanders in the position to be the powerful protectors of children who are being bullied. All administrators and teachers need to avail themselves of what we know about best practices in bullying prevention and continue to work on making our schools safer places for our children. Kathy is the perfect resource.

-- Dr. Trish H. - Associate Professor of Health and Human Performance at Oklahoma State University - Stillwater, Okla.

Oklahoma is safer place because of Kathy Morgan. She created a statewide bully awareness and prevention initiative for students, teachers and parents that focuses on identifying, intervening and interacting with bullies and victims. Kathy does not just focus on the bully, but the cycle of bullying within the family, educational and recreational settings. She believes in coaching children and teachers on what to say to bullies, how to avoid violence in confrontations, and actions that can evade the devastating results of harsh or violent interactions in childhood. She helps groups strengthen their relational bond by building community, character through hardy communication and manners. Her passion to keep children safe from bullying is contagious.

-- Dr. Lori B. - Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs & Professor of Family and Child Development at University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond, Okla.

Kathy's insight into her clients and their needs set her apart from other colleagues. While she was an adjunct instructor in the Substance Abuse Studies program I manage at the University of Central Oklahoma, her work in that course became part of the foundation for students entering the Substance Abuse Services field. Students admired and loved Kathy and were eager to learn the lessons she had to share. Kathy has my total confidence and I trust her explicitly. She is the consummate expert in the Prevention field. I wish she were still available to teach for me!

-- Art C. - MA, LADC, LPC, Coordinator, Substance Abuse Studies at University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond, Okla.

Whatever Kathy does, she does with all her heart and soul. She is an excellent presenter and the information she shares does not fall short. I highly recommend Kathy Morgan and can say, with full confidence, that her bullying prevention program will not disappoint you.

-- Carolyn N. - M. Ed., LPC